Invisible Life of Addie Laure - January
The Queen
Now You See Me Blu-Ray/DVD - January
A Mother
All the Colors of Night - January
Neighbors - January
The Midnight Library - January
Spin - January
Owls of the Eastern Ice - January
Meghan and Harry: The Real Story- January
A Thousand Texas Longhorns- January
The Child- January
Miss Janie
In the Lion
All the Colors of Night LP- January
Hold on Tight- January
A Cold Trail- January
Hush Hush- January
Last Day- January
Head Over Heels- January
The View from Here- January
Read Between the Lines - January
Bitter Pill - January
The Wrong Family - January
Wrong Alibi - January
Before She Disappeared - January
Deadly Waters - January
Take It Back - January
Twenty - January
The Russian - January
The Lies You Told - January
All the Colors of Night - January
Neighbors - January
Shiver - January
Hush Hush - January
The Lost Boys - January
The Forever Girl - January
Till Murder Do Us Part - January
My Name is Anton - January
NYPD Red 6 - January
The Woman Outside My Door - January
Fool Me Twice - January
A Perfect Amish Romance - January
A Catered Book Club Murder - January
Empty Out The Negative - January
Snow Drift - January
The Greatest Secret - January
The System - January
A Life Once Dreamed - January
Turning Tide - January
Someone To Watch Over Me - January
Hammer to Fall - January
Before She Disappeared - January
Till Murder Do Us Part - January
Neighbors - January
The Scorpion
Good and Cheap - February
Abominable - February
Just As I Am - February
Wrong Alibi - February
Shall We Dance? - February
Tiny Imperfections - February
Who Rescued Who? - February
The Honey Don
Silent Bite - February
Egg Shooters - February
Colors of Truth - February
Remember Me - February
The Cul-de-Sac War - February
Point of Danger - February
She Comes By It Natural - February
The Preserve - February
Thief River Falls - February
Expedition Deep Ocean - February
At the Edge of the Haight - February
Before She Disappeared - February
Blink of an Eye - February
The Mitford Trial - February
Layla - February
The Mystery of Mrs. Christie - February
Blood Grove - February
I Came as a Shadow - February
Black Buck - February
American Traitor - February
Just Watch Me - February
Know Yourself, Know Your Money - February
The Kindest Lie - February
Vexed 2: Twisted Faith - February
Married to the Money - February
The Nightmare on Trap Street - February
Chicken Sisters - February
The Seaside Café - February
Butler - February
The Shadow Box - February
Serpentine - February
The Breaker - February
The Last Days of John Lennon - February
In the Deep - February
Bone Canyon - February
The Kidnapping Club - February
Kill Switch - February
Girls from Da Hood 14 - February
Vexed: The Ultimate Betrayal - February
Dice - February
Never Far Away - February
Faithless in Death - February
The Four Winds - February
The Burning Girls - February
The Survivors - February
The Thyroid Reset Diet - February
Walk in My Combat Boots - February
Ancient Remedies - February
How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House - February
The Duke and I - February
First Comes Scandal LP - February
The Duke and I LP - February
The Closer You Get - February
The Last Agent - February
Cross Her Heart - February
Murder in the East End - February
Brave Girl, Quiet Girl - February
Savage Son - February
Magic Lessons - February
Texas Proud - February
Cobble Hill - February
Arizona Ranger - February
Murder in the Storybook Cottage - February
A Lady
Luck and a Horse - February
To Avenge A Ranger - February
The Push - February
A Long Petal of the Sea - February
House of the Patriarch - February
The Vineyard at Painted Moon - February
My Husband
Disrespectfully Yours - February
You Can
A Real Love - February
Two Sides to a Love Story - February
She Got Love in the South 2 - February
She Got Love in the South - February
She Goes Hard - February
The Survivors - February