The Mockingbird
The Writer
The Family Journal - September
The Vineyards of Champagne - September
The Secrets of Love Story Bridge - September
A Pack of Predators - September
Massacre at Whip Station - September
Tranquility Falls - September
Defining Moments - September
The Double Cross - September
Squeeze Me - September
Before She Was Helen - September
Flight Risk - September
Children of Stars - September
If For Any Reason - September
The Holdout - September
Anxious People - September
Monogamy - September
The Stone Wall - September
Hadley Beckett
The Water Keeper - September
Lost Hills - September
The Light after the War - September
Rust - September
A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings - September
An Orphan of Hell
The Tubman Command - September
When I Met You - September
The Last Passenger - September
Murder on Pleasant Avenue - September
His Truth is Marching On - September
The Last Flight - August
Love and a Little White Lie - September
Chaos - September
We Are All The Same in the Dark - September
One By One - September
Thick as Thieves - September
Shadows in Death - September
The Night Swim - September
Final Cut - September
Do It Afraid - September
Bitter Alpine - September
MS-13 - September
The Darkest Evening - September
Robert B. Parker
A Question of Betrayal - September
All the Devils Are Here LP - September
Anxious People LP - September
Shadows in Death LP - September
Truth and Justice LP - September
Someone to Romance - September
Deadly Anniversaries - September
All the Devils Are Here - September
Murder Thy Neighbor - September
Next to Last Stand - September
Something to Talk About - September
Chance of a Life Time - September
The Coast to Coast Murders - September
The Return - September
Tools of Engagement - October
Elsewhere - October
Happily This Christmas - October
Rage - October
Troubles in Paradise - October
Confessions On The 745 - October
Hieroglyphics - October
When We Were Young and Brave - October
Miss Cecily
Return to Virgin River - October
Time for Mercy - October
Total Power -October
When We Were Young & Brave - October
Home for the Holidays - October
Jingle All the Way - October
Pogrom: Kishinev and the tilt of history - October
Behind the Throne - October
Firewatching - October
When No One Is Watching - October
Rise Up - October
Make Change - October
Finding Freedom - October
A Princess for Christmas - October
One More for Christmas - October
A Little bit of Karma - October
Christmas Cupcake Murder - October
Make Me Rain - October
The Girl in the Mirror - October
The Twelve Dates of Christmas - October
Law of Innocence - November
Fortune and Glory - November
Wyoming True - November
You Betrayed Me - November
Desolation Road - November
Stages of the Heart - November
Growing Old - November
Whistleblower - November
Standoff - November
An Appalachian Summer - November
The Art of Deception - November
Carolina Breeze - November
Death in the East - November
The Crushing Depths - November
The Worst Man - November
Love Your Life - November
Christmas at Holiday House - November
Hidden in Plain Sight - November
In the Lion
The Cutting Place - November
Rituals for Love - November
Close Quarters - November
Assassins: Episode 1 - November
Thug Passion - November
When My Soul Met a Thug - November
We Both Can
Money Devils 1 - November
You Might Just Get Burned - November
Greenlights - November
A Christmas Resolution - November
Return to Virgin River (LP) - November
Love Your Life - November
Fortune and Glory - November
Red Sky Over Hawaii - November
Noel Street - November
One Last Lie - November
Shadow of the Big Horn - November
Peaceful Jenkins - November
Rising Fire - November
No Rest for the Restless - November
Girls of Summer - November
Shadows of Foxworth - November
The Prisoner
All In - November
Game of Dog Bones - November
The Bitter and Sweet of Cherry Season - November
Marshmallow Malice - November
Dear Child - November
Christmas at the Island Hotel - November
Christmas Card Murder - November
Cardiff, By the Sea - November
Goodnight Beautiful - November
Invisible Girl - November
Marauder - November
The Noel Letters - November
One Bright Christmas - November
The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop - November
The Unspoken - November
Truly, Madly, Deeply - November
A Time for Mercy - November
House of Correction - November
Shakeup - November
Elsewhere (LP) - November
Truly, Madly, Deeply (LP) - November
Hidden in Plain Sight (LP) - November
Anonymous - November
After All I
Confessions on f the 7:45 - November
You Will Never Know - November
The Kingdom - November
All that Glitters - November
Awakening - November
Dark Tides - November
Deadly Cross - November
Midnight Library - November
Murder of Innocence - November
Piece of My Heart - November
Dead Silence - November
Surf Smugglers - November
Piece of My Heart - November
Funeral for a Friend - November
All That Glitters - November
No Time Like the Future - November
Rivera Gold - November
The Abundance Mind-set - November
Christmas Card Murder - November
The Home Edit Life - November
A Promised Land - November
Whispering Hearts - November