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There are no upcoming events at this time.
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New Books

Deep in the Alaskan Woods - March
The Power Couple - March
Mountain Laurel - March
Take the Lead - March
Rough Creek - March
Cottage At the Beach - March
Let Us Dream - March
Soul Raging - March
The Affair - March
Dark Sky -March
To Sir Phillip with Love - March
When He Was Wicked - March
Detroit City Mafia - March
Frederick Douglass - March
Missing & Endangered - March
The Wife Upstairs - March
The Four Winds LP - March
A Promise of Ankles - March
City of Schemes - March
Yellow Wife - March
Fast Ice - March
Montana Territory - March
Matthew Johnson - March
Calder Brand  - March
The Kaiser
The Lost Apothecary - March
Dark Sky LP - March
Lola on Fire - March
The Kaiser
Woman Outside My Door - March
Syndicate Gun - March
Mascarada Pass - March
Before the Ruins - March
The Devil
The Viscount Who Loved Me - March
Sister Souljah - March
The Request - March
The Eagles of Heart Mountain - March
The Escape - March
All That I Dreamed - March
Hot to Trot - March
Egg Shooters - March
Simple Murder - March
Wrong Family - March
News of the World - March
Dark Horses - March
Destined for You - March
Little French Bridal Shop - March
The Removed - March
The Sweet Taste of Muscadines - March
Win - March
Band of Sisters - March
Everything After - March
Later - March
Her Dark Lies LP - March
We Begin at the End - March
You Lucky Dog - March
This Wandering Heart - March
A Duke, The Lady, and A Baby - March
How Beautiful We Were - March
Meant to Be - March
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder - March
Her Dark Lies - March
Haunted Hibiscus - March
The Streets Have No Queen - March
Large and In Charge - March
Now You Wanna Come Back 2 - March
Cubana - March
The Bounty - March
Every Vow You Break - March
The Other Emily - March
The Restoration of Celia Fairchild - March
Our Friend - March
The Kids Are Gonna Ask - April
Black Sun - April
The Marathon Don
The Impossible First - April
The Family Business 5 - April
The Queen
Kingpins Memphis - April
Insatiable Love - April
Loving a Borrego Brother 2 - April
Baltimore Girls 2 - April
Sand Cove 2 - April
Now You Wanna Come Back - April
Double Jeopardy - April
Danger in Numbers - April
Meant to Be LP - April
Double Jeopardy LP - April
The Affair LP - April
Serpentine - April
Send For Me - April
The House in the Cerulean Sea - April
Fundamentals - April
The Women of the Bible Speak - April
The Unwilling - April
The Black Church - April
X-Files Super Soldiers - April
The War Report - April
The Soul of a Woman - April
The Murder of Twelve - April
Eternal - April
The Palm Beach Murders - April
The Red Book - April
The Bounty - April
The Push - April
So to Speak - April
Good Company - April
Miss Julia Happily Ever After - April
No Way Out - April
Path to Sunshine Cove - April
When I Ran Away - April
9 Lives of Rose Napolitano - April
The Mitford Trial - April
Backlash - April
Things We Didn
Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle - April
The Secret Life of Groceries - April
The Babysitter - April
Black Sun LP - April
The Lawman - April
Seven Days in Summer - April
The Beirut Protocol - April
An Inconvenient Woman - April
Silvertip - April
A Double Dose of Love - April
No Holding Back - April
Autumn Skies - April
Trumpets in the Dawn - April
Under the Alaskan Ice - April
The Dark Sunrise - April
A Matter of Life and Death - April
The Last Exit - April
Northern Heist - April
The Bookstore on the Beach - April
Mother May I - April
The Drowning Kind - April
This is the Fire - April
No Way Out - April
Till Death - April
The Path to Sunshine Cove - April
Mrs. Wiggins - April
Confessions of a Curious Bookseller - April
The Happiness In Between - April
Death Comes to the Rectory - April