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After All I
Confessions on f the 7:45 - November
You Will Never Know - November
The Kingdom - November
All that Glitters - November
Awakening - November
Dark Tides - November
Deadly Cross - November
Midnight Library - November
Murder of Innocence - November
Piece of My Heart - November
Dead Silence - November
Surf Smugglers - November
Funeral for a Friend - November
All That Glitters - November
No Time Like the Future - November
Rivera Gold - November
The Abundance Mind-set - November
Christmas Card Murder - November
The Home Edit Life - November
A Promised Land - November
Whispering Hearts - November
Last Days of John Lennon - December
The Chicken Sisters - December
Boy From the Woods - December
Cul De Sac War - December
Dear Child - December
Hello Summer - December
White Ivy - December
Burn You Twice - December
See What You Made Me Do - December
Daylight - December
Let Go of the Guilt - December
A Garland of Bones - December
Open House - December
The Sentinel - December
Quick & Simple - December
The Dead Are Arising - December
A Promised Land - December
Get Out of Town - December
A Christmas Resolution - December
Is This Anything? - December
Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man - December
The Heart of a Hero - December
Fool Me Twice - December
Something Worth Doing - December
Total Power - December
Like Crazy - December
Closer Than She Knows - December
Party of Two - December
The Dirty South - December
The Book of Lost Names - December
These Nameless Things - December
Amish Christmas Twins - December
Showdown in Gun Town - December
Piece of My Heart - December
Dark Tides - December
The Awakening - December
Wyoming True - December
How to Raise an Elephant - December
Deadly Cross - December
The Awakening - December
Dark Song - December
A Texas Kind of Christmas - December
Always the Last to Know - December
The Falcon Always Wings Twice - December
Steadfast Mercy - December
Wildflower Hope - December
Fragments of Light - December
The Secrets of the Bastide Blanche - December
Murder at Kingscote - December
The Sicilian Method - December
Thursday Murder Club - December
Invisible Life of Addie Laure - January
The Queen
Now You See Me Blu-Ray/DVD - January
A Mother
All the Colors of Night - January
Neighbors - January
The Midnight Library - January
Spin - January
Owls of the Eastern Ice - January
Meghan and Harry: The Real Story- January
A Thousand Texas Longhorns- January
The Child- January
Miss Janie
In the Lion
All the Colors of Night LP- January
Hold on Tight- January
A Cold Trail- January
Hush Hush- January
Last Day- January
Head Over Heels- January
The View from Here- January
Read Between the Lines - January
Bitter Pill - January
The Wrong Family - January
Wrong Alibi - January
Before She Disappeared - January
Deadly Waters - January