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New Books

Ocean Prey - May
Rome Antically Challenged - May
Save the Last Dance - May
Pathfinder - May
When A Rogue Meets His Match - May
Gambling Man - May
Distant Shore - May
Family Reunion - May
Lady Has a Past - May
Reunion Beach - May
The Palm Beach Murders - May
The Red Book - May
Eternal - May
Dusk Night Dawn - May
My Thug My Savage My Dope Boy - May
The Wife of a Kingpin - May
The Wife of a Kingpin 2 - May
My Thug My Savage My Dope Boy 2 - May
We Both Can
We Both Can
On My Way to You - May
My Mother
Anything Goes - May
Finding Ashley - May
The Last Thing to Burn - May
Love and the Game 3 - May
Vexed 3: The Final Sin - May
Faith and Trust - May
The Year of Peril - May
It Had To Be You - May
Summer on the Bluffs - May
I Am A Girl From Africa - May
The Man Who Lived Underground - May
Opening Minds - May
Little Pieces of Me - May
We Ride Upon Sticks - May
Social Graces - May
Under the Southern Sky - May
World Travel: An Irreverent Guide - May
The Avenging Angel - May
Early Morning Riser - May
How to Fail at Flirting - May
Shadows of the White City - May
Dead Broke - May
Lethal Intent - May
Blackberry Beach - May
Gathering Dark - May
The Path to Sunshine Cove - May
Wolf Stockburn, Railroad Detective - May
An Extravagant Death - May
Echoes in the Walls - May
Speak, Okinawa - May
The Princess Spy - May
The Bounty - May
Conversations in Black - May
The Bookstore on the Beach - May
What Would You Do If You Weren
Scammers - May
Payback - May
A Distant Shore - May
Death with a Double Edge - May
Turn a Blind Eye - May
Local Woman Missing - May
The Lady Has a Past - May
The Newcomer - May
The Perfect Daughter - May
Standoff at the River - May
Lost in Paris - May
Then Came Mulvane - May
Off the Wild Coast of Brittany - May
All that We Carried - May
Murder in Old Bombay - May
Cottage on Lighthouse Lane - May
Newcomer - May
A Sinister Service - June
Crimson Lake Road - June
The Final Twist - June
In League With Sherlock Holmes - June
Finding Ashley - June
Checking out Crime - June
Hummingbird Lane - June
The Seat Filler - June
Local Woman Missing - June
Lightning Game - June
Of Mutts and Men - June
Facing the Dawn - June
The Truth We Told - June
Younger - June
Wildflower Road - June
A Perfect Amish Romance - June
The Final Twist - June
21st Birthday - June
While Justice Sleeps - June
Six Weeks to Live - June
The Lady Has a Past - June
Country Proud - June
Public Enemy #1 - June
Family Reunion - June
The Newcomer - June
A Distant Shore - June
That Summer - June
The Summer of Lost and Found - June
Bookshop by the Sea - June
Her Every Move - June
A Gambling Man - June
Win - June
Murder on Wall Street - June
The Artist - June
The Last Green Valley - June
What the Devil Knows - June
Gold Mine Massacre - June
This Time Next Year - June
Call Me Elizabeth Lark - June
New York, New York, New York - June
Women in White Coats - June
Kiss My Boots - June
The Cottage on Lighthouse Lane - June
The Leather Slapper - June
The Venice Sketchbook - June
The Garden of Promises and Lies - June
Whispering Hearts - June
Confessions from the Quilting Circle - June
21st Birthday - June
The Unforgiven - June
Legacy - June
The Hunting Wives - June
Network of Deceit - June
All that Really Matters - June
Obsession - June
A Patchwork Past - June
Early Morning Riser - June
How Y
Soulmate Equation - June
An Amish Surprise - June
Cave Dwellers - June
The Saboteurs - June
The Summer Seekers - June
Liquids Till Lunch - June
Young Love in Memphis 2 - June
Young Love in Memphis - June
Love the Gansta Way - June
Black Scarface 4 - June
Naive to the Streets - June
Golden Girl - June
The Dog Who Knew Too Much - June
Stampede: Gold Fever and Disaster in the Klondike  - June
Death of a Telenovela Star - June
Castle Shade - June
Indigo - June
Assassins: Killing the King - June
Assassins: Clout Chasers - June
Black Scarface 3: The Wrath of the Face - June
You Can
Freed -June
Seven Days in June - June
Keep Sharp - June
Jackpot - June
Should We Stay or Should We Go - June
Our Woman in Moscow - June
The Ugly Cry - June
Revival Season - June
How the Word is Passed - June
Death with a Double Edge - June
The Hill We Climb - June
Pack Up the Moon - June
A Stranger at the Door - June
Seven Perfect Things - June
The Narrowboat Summer - June
All the Things I Meant to Tell You - June
Beautiful Things - June
The Price You Pay For College - June
GED Test Prep 2022 - June
How to Survive America - June
All the Murmuring Bones - June
A Lowcountry Bride - June
The Real Hoodwives of Detroit 2 - June
Monster - June
The Summer Seekers - June
When the Stars Go Dark - June
Unfinished Business - June
The Bullet - June
The Other Black Girl - June